Current Obsession: e.l.f. Cosmetics


My addiction to this inexpensive makeup brand started with a single foundation brush that was only $1. Now in the world of a beauty enthusiast on a budget, this was like the holy grail. My collection of e.l.f. products began to grow more and more as I discovered that they carried more than just brushes and their $2 under-eye concealers that I raved over and saved my life during my first year of college. Let’s just say even though I was tired as hell, I sure didn’t look like it. My obsession is probably looking more and more like an addiction as you’re read this. I can admit, me purchasing every e.l.f. product I can get my hands on is out of control but I can’t help it! If you’re like me, when you see a foundation palette for under $10 you don’t ask any questions.

e.l.f. Cosmetics was founded in 2004 and it’s a New York based makeup brand. You can find their products in stores like Walmart, CVS, Target, Ulta Beauty & more. Walmart is my #1 bestie though. There are also numerous e.l.f. stores at different locations like Oakland, Glendale & in New York. Their products are 100% cruelty free and I think that is so awesome and it’s nice to know that e.l.f. standing up for animals. Plus I totally wanna become a full-time vegan one day so this is one step closer to that I guess. E.l.f. has also created campaigns for PETA & one for the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster that happened in Japan. It’s refreshing to see a makeup companies use their brand to help others.


In the picture above are all of the current e.l.f. products that I own! Natural lashes, foundation palette, translucent power, setting spray, two blending brushes, liquid eyeliner, primer, eyelid primer, eyeshadow palette, kabuki brush & waterproof mascara. Yup, it has gotten crazy guys. If you follow me on Instagram (@itscryslynn) you know that I’m almost always bragging about how many e.l.f. products I bought from Walmart that day, but the obsession is now R-E-A-L. Now you’ve probably been wondering what are my most & leave favorite products out of this bunch. Ugh this is going to be tough but here it goes:

My most favorite e.l.f. product that I own right now would have to be…the Kabuki brush! It’s that short brush with the fluffy bristles that I love so much. Because the bristles are so thick, I think my blending has came out so much better by using it. It works really well with cream foundations & concealers too. πŸ™‚Β  Now my least favorite… would have to be the Waterproof Mascara. 😦 It was so hard choosing a product that was my least favorite but this it it y’all. The Mascara is supposed to be “Lengthening and Volumizing” but sadly it hasn’t brought much length to my eyelashes as I thought it would. No makeup brand is completely perfect though, and there are other products of e.l.f. that I would like to be improved. My e.l.f. collection is not even close to be complete because there are so many other products of theirs that I am dying to try. The ones I wanna try are not always at the Walmart that I go to, but I will be going on a mission to fulfill my e.l.f. addiction even more!

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