REVIEW: L.A. Girl’s Matte Pigment Flat Finish Lip gloss

Some makeup products will be worth the money, and others will leave you full of regret and disgust. Most drugstore or affordable matte lip products that I tried have always done no justice for me at all. They were either too sticky, had a weird smell, not matte enough or did not last all day long like the makeup brand claimed it would. What did I manage to get myself into this time?


I’m sure that everyone and their mothers know that L.A. Girl carries one of the best inexpensive concealers in this entire universe, but the brand is not JUST concealers, color correctors & nail polish. Well maybe this was just brand new information to me, but they actually carry other products like foundation, contour sticks, eyeliner and then there’s the lip gloss, which will be the star of this post. I’m not joking when I say that it took me one trip to one of my nearest beauty supply stores to realize that L.A. Girl had more than just concealer. To be fair I’m a newbie when it comes to knowing about L.A. Girl and it doesn’t help that the Walmart that I always buy makeup from doesn’t carry a single product of theirs. Feel free to tweet Walmart and tell them to get on that real quick. This is why my obsession with beauty supply stores have gone to the highest levels and I’m lucky that I live near hundreds of them. I’m very excited to try out some other products from L.A. Girl, but right now this lip gloss just stood out to me. So let’s get to business!

So I got the Matte Pigment Flat Finish lip gloss in the shade “dreamy”, because the color was just giving me valley girl barbie, bubble gum & pink cotton candy vibes. Or maybe because I’ve been watching too many episodes of Clueless and I am now obsessed with everything that is pink and bougie. Anyways! The lip gloss costed about $2.00 so I was like OH JACKPOT, and I never really heard of a lip gloss that was matte so it really felt like I discovered gold for the very first time.Maybe there are a couple of other brands that have matte lip gloss, but I think this product really makes L.A. Girl stand out as a brand. I really had to convince myself not to get some more shades because I wanted to try out the lip gloss first and see how I felt about it. Plus it was so hectic trying to decide on whether I should get a nude/pink-ish shade or a darker one, but I decided on the pink one because my makeup collection is just full of dark lip colors so I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone.


Now being the little scientist that I am, I decided to test this lip gloss two ways in order to really give a truly insightful and truthful rundown on what this product is all about. I’m going to try the gloss on my lips without chapstick and with chapstick. I’m aware that it’s better to put on chapstick or moisturizer before applying matte lip products, but some brands put a disclaimer on the back of their product that applying chapstick or moisturizer would affect the product’s long-wear. You should always wear some type of moisturizer on your lips no matter what, but it’s up to you if wanna risk it. After testing out the product, I’ve ruled out that this lip gloss will be matte no matter what! It’s pretty soft and doesn’t have my lips feeling cracked or rough at all. There’s nothing worse than a product that makes you feel like you’re putting your skin through an unhealthy spiral to hell. It is a little sticky at first but just give it some time to dry. A little more pigmentation would’ve been nice but it looked just fine to me. I love that the lip gloss has little-to-no smell at all because I cannot stand the strong, chemical smell that some products give off. With this lip gloss, all you need is ONE coat. No need to cake the stuff on because one layer will do you the justice. I’ve noticed that it does last awhile without wiping off but don’t expect the lip color to be fully intact for 24 hours or something. I think the most relieving part is that it’s so easy to remove with any makeup wipes or remover. I hate tugging for dear life on my skin when a product is being stubborn. Pet peeve!

The verdict is: this matte lip gloss by L.A.Girl is worth it and I am loving it. They come in really cute colors and I can’t wait to try some more for my looks! Although I do have to say that I’m not sure why it’s called a lip gloss when the product doesn’t really have a glossy finish or doesn’t even apply as gloss. That’s why the term “matte lip gloss” really confused me. Like is it suppose to be both glossy and matte? Whatever, it looks cute and it’s really affordable so that’s a win in my book.

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Note: this post is not sponsored and all products mentioned above were purchased by me. See my disclaimer for more information.

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