Affordable Hair Products/Essentials Mini-Haul + REVIEWS

One of my goals for 2017 is to really achieve the smoothest, silkiest & healthiest hair possible. I wear hair extensions & I mostly & straighten my natural hair like 3 times a week maybe or whenever I go out. So it is a MUST that I use products that will protect my hair from major damage and give it the nutrients that it needs. Sometimes it can be a drag trying to find products that will be totally worth the money, but I’ve ran into some hair lotions, oils & other products that just ended up being flaky and gross. So I went on a mission to add some new hair products to my collection that I thought would benefit my hair as much as possible, and so far I am not completely disappointed. If you’re a someone who needs good quality hair products at an inexpensive price keep reading! Each of these products are under $10 by the way and the prices vary at each store. πŸ™‚


So of course I’ve used all of these products so far and I do have some mixed feelings. This is just going to be a mini haul because I sort of don’t wanna risk putting too many new products in my hair right now. I did not get a hair lotion right now because almost everything was out of stock at the Walmart I shop at because it was after the holidays. I didn’t order anything online because I will be moving very soon and I just don’t want my package to arrive right after I leave. Plus the hair lotions I’ve seen at the store were already useless in my eyes because I’ve tried a ton of them out before. Luckily, I got the last Olive Oil that was in stock otherwise I would’ve been doomed of sadness and saltiness. First of all, I’ve used Hollywood Beauty oils before and I sort of cheated because I know that I wouldn’t be disappointed with this product. LISTEN, me & Hollywood Beauty go way back and I have no shame. πŸ˜‰ To be fair this is my first time trying out their Olive Oil, and this stuff is amazing! The shine & healthy feel that it gives my hair is so unbelievable. I will definitely be purchasing the 8 oz bottle soon! The product feels light on my hair and it definitely has some added heat protection in it like it states. Speaking of heat protection…

IT IS KEY IF YOU FLAT IRON YOUR HAIR CONSTANTLY. I wish I had known that during my years in high school otherwise I wouldn’t have had my hair looking a hot mess! I would spend mornings flat ironing my hair just to see it frizz up later on. Now, I cannot imagine not owning a heat protector of some sort and I’m getting sick just thinking about it. I decided to try out TREsemme’s Flat Iron Soothing Spray and this is the best heat protection spray that I’ve used so far. Normally within 4-6 hours after straightening my hair it starts to frizz and I get so frustrated, but after using this spray for the first time my hair was STILL straight and silky with no frizz after waking up the next morning and unwrapping it. Even my mom noticed, and I am still amazed to this very moment.

Finally… let’s talk about the edge control. I’m serious about my edge control and how strong it is to hold my edges. I cannot use or deal with that clear hair gel that you would find at the beauty supply store because it’s just a lost cause. It doesn’t tame my edges whatsoever from the moment I put it on. So I’ve been using Creme Of Nature’s Argan Oil Edge Control Hair Gel. It’s basically like a way thicker version of hair gel and from the feel of the product it really seems like it’s going to do justice no matter what. Well, I can honestly say that this product isn’t for everyone or every type of hair. This product works so well if have naturally straightened or relaxed hair and can last quite a while. On the other hand, this may not be such a great product for those with natural, type-4 hair texture. I recommend that you try applying the edge control and adding a bit of water on top if it doesn’t work for you by itself. For myself, the product did help my edges lay down for a long period of time and I like that doesn’t have a strong smell to it.

Leave any hair products that have saved your life in the comments below! For updates on more reviews & other new posts follow my blog, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram! Also add me on Snapchat: @crys_lynn96!

Note: this post is not sponsored and all products mentioned above were purchased by me. See my disclaimer for more information.

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