Can You Apply Winged Eyeliner Using Thread?

If you thought using a fork to contour your nose or applying foundation with a chicken cutlet was crazy, then you’re just in time for another outrageous beauty trend. Every time I blink there seems to be an “easier” way to apply makeup using spoons, knives and now… thread! Yes, the thread that your mom and grandma use to sew your clothes is now the hottest beauty hack of the month. So apparently applying your winged eyeliner with a piece of thread will give you the perfect wing, and this has been put to the test already by a number of beauty bloggers.


The first video I’ve seen of it was from NikkieTutorials. She’s always testing out some of these beauty trends and they’re just so interesting to watch. So she tried it out with a thin, silky thread. I don’t know if it matters what kind of thread you use, but I’m guessing the thinner the thread, the thinner the line will be. The way you do this method is painting part of the thread with your eyeliner then stamping the lines on where you would normally draw the wing. The lines that she did for her wing ended up being messy but she managed to fix it up herself. In Nikkie’s video, she stated that she saw the thread method being used by bodmonzaid on Instagram. I went to bodmonzaid’s post and it had over 270,000 views, and she said that she got the idea from Buzzfeed’s snapchat. I’m not even gonna attempt to hunt down Buzzfeed’s snapchat story but now you know who the prime suspect is of this beauty trend. 😂 #ThanksBuzzfeed


So I watched both of these ladies try out the thread method and yes their lines ended up being blotchy like I said before for Nikkie’s, but I feel like that’s the purpose of using the thread. The thread can create guidelines for your wings so it could be easier to carve out a better line yourself. It doesn’t matter if the line is messy because you eventually have to fix it afterwards. This technique could possibly be better for those who are just starting out in makeup. Wow, finally a trend that can benefit someone! Since Nikkie and bodmonzaid’s videos were uploaded, I’ve seen a number of other videos emerge of MUAs and MUEs try out this thread method. One video that really surprised me was from YouTuber Mirlleth Martinez because hers turned out really nice, but something that I noticed from every person that I watched attempt this is that they all said that this process is too time-consuming and it shouldn’t be apart of someone’s regular makeup routine (unless you really need it).

After analyzing this beauty trend, I’m going to answer the big question. Can you apply winged eyeliner using thread? My answer is:

Sort of…

This method can indeed work for beginners who want a decent eyeliner wing. The line that you apply with the thread can be used as a guideline to where you have to draw over and fill in the rest. You just have to know how to clean up the messiness, I recommend using a q-tip. As for those who can do an eyeliner wing with no problem, don’t bother with this trend. It seems to take up way too much time for something you probably already know how to do like a boss. Honestly this beauty trend wasn’t the craziest one I’ve ever heard of. Comment the craziest beauty/makeup trend YOU’VE heard of below!

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2 thoughts on “Can You Apply Winged Eyeliner Using Thread?

    1. Hi Laura, thank you for reading! As I watched more people try it I noticed that it actually worked for some better than others. The thread works as like a guideline for beginners so that’s really cool. 🙂


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