Amazing Skin Care Products That Are Totally Inexpensive

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For someone who wears makeup regularly, skin care is especially key for me. Putting product after product on my face makes me concerned about the skin that’s underneath. I’ve struggled with bad acne before back when I was in middle school. Luckily that ship has sailed, but I always have anxiety about all of that grossness that was growing on my face. From then on I dedicated my adult years to using products that will make me feel and look great everyday. I’ve gone to different stores and tried different brands, nothing seemed to do the justice when it comes to making my face feel smooth, clean & fresh. Who knew that reading a couple reviews on a product one night could motivate me into finding some of the best skin care products that I ever used – but get this: they’re totally affordable! It’s crazy how we think that we must buy these expensive beauty products that are over $100. Sure those work great, but you can get something just as good from your local drugstores.



The first product that came to my attention was Garnier’s Micellar cleansing water. I’ve heard amazing things about this one from other beauty blogs and some magazines so I wanted to see what was so great for myself. This was about $6.49 at Walmart but I know you can get it for under $5.00 at Target or Ulta Beauty. I started using this to remove my makeup with some cotton rounds ($1.98) and I feel like I never have to use any makeup wipes ever again. The micellar water left my face feeling clean and refreshed, almost like I had just woken up from a nap. I can tell this would be perfect for the morning time too!

The product that I was especially excited to try was St.Ives Apricot Scrub. It was under $5 at Walmart and about 97% of the reviews on it were really good. My first impression was smell of the product. I love that it’s not too strong and there’s a hint of apricot that is absolutely soothing. Once I felt the texture of this scrub I knew that it was going to do justice. As I massaged it on my face it I could feel all of the dirt, oil & everything else that’s gross being relieved from my pores. I washed my face with warm water and once it dried my face felt unbelievably soft and clean. I didn’t get any redness & I wasn’t irritated by the Exfoliants.



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