Makeup Artists of Color Who Deserve Way More Praise

There’s something that’s been really bugging me about the beauty community. Due to recent events revolving around CoverGirl and one of their ambassadors, it has really got me thinking. These major and mainstream makeup brands are definitely missing a wave of color and culture in their campaigns. It’s rare to see a makeup commercial with someone who looks like you or could relate to you in terms of race & culture. It’s an extreme rarity in fact. Even some high-end beauty brands act like it’s such a taboo to add black or brown MUAs on their Instagram pages. Once every one hundred pics isn’t cutting it. Don’t get me started on the lack representation of POC in the media period, but these big time makeup companies need to listen up. Yes sometimes they go on the mantra that “beauty comes in all colors” but like, you’re missing more than half of those colors. They’re just sticking to the script and not taking much needed action to widen their brand. Not only is it time to re-think hiring someone who thinks Africa is a country, but beauty brands need to open their eyes and realize that the talent in the POC community is real and ready.

Luckily I happen to come across and follow some amazing and breathtaking MUAs of color all the time and I’ll probably fall in love with some more when I finish writing this. I mean, these people will make you rethink the meaning of blending and add a whole NEW meaning to eyeshadow. These are the MUAs of color that give my presence in the beauty industry and my interest in beauty in general a purpose. Their looks will literally inspire you on a whole other spectrum. The quality of their makeup looks were made to be appreciated and acknowledged because their pure art. I think it’s astonishing how the new age of beauty and makeup is indeed art and the artists use their own skin to showcase it to the world. That is like next level talent. It’s not even easy for me to do a winged eyeliner, you think this is simple and easy work for them? These artists aren’t just messing around with makeup, they’re owning it.


IG: @poeticdrugs



IG: @antwtf






IG: @makeupbyshaniah



IG: @kweenribns



IG: @princessbellaaa



IG: @makeupbyvan_


Of course there are way more incredible POC who are talented in the makeup industry and deserve so much exposure and success and I love discovering talented MUAs everyday. Feel free to list as many as you know in the comments!


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