Beauty Trends Gone Too Far? Applying Makeup with a Condom Is the Latest Method

Just when you thought another insane beauty trend is gone for good, another one pops up from around the corner. They often leave you confused, annoyed & more confused. It’s beginning to turn from funny challenges that beauty gurus and blogger participate in to a serious topic of “will this really make my makeup look flawless?”. Seriously, what ever happened to the simplicity of a buffing brush and a powder foundation in a compact? Now we’re resulting in everyday household items and such. If applying your foundation with a $20 beauty blender wasn’t enough to give you that smooth application, then how about you try a Trojan! Yes, a condom. Some people find using a condom for sex a chore, but when you see your favorite beauty blogger whip one out and put it on their beauty blender everything’s chill right? Sometimes I wonder if there’s a flock of top secret beauty bloggers who plan all of this. I picture them having a meeting at a long table and coming up with strategies and ideas on the most outrageous ways to apply foundation or contour that will make everyone look crazy. Hmm, conspiracy theory? That’s a whole other post right there, and that’s the beauty of the internet for you.

So I’m sure that you already know that the way this hack works is by putting the beauty blender inside of the condom. This little concept was organized by a Dutch beauty blogger named Laila Tahri, but what is it’s purpose? Apparently she was inspired by the silisponge hack that happened in 2016 where you would apply foundation with that said silisponge, which heavily resembled a bra insert. The beauty blender wrapped in the condom is suppose to help you get all of the makeup off the blender because the foundation or concealer tends to absorb in the sponge. It is also said to give your makeup a more smooth finish. After reading about it more, I kind of understand the purpose so it doesn’t sound too crazy of an idea. Am I persuading every makeup enthusiast to go out and buy a box of condoms for their beauty blenders? Not at all, but from my own experience of using a beauty blender, most of the foundation does soak up into the sponge before I can even apply it to my face. This can cause you overuse your foundation in one sitting and we all know makeup can cost us some serious cheddar. I imagine this method works better than the silisponge. The silisponge looks too slippery and rubbery, while when you use the condom method at least you’re still using the beauty blender right?

My verdict on this outrageous method is that; there are simply better ways to go about this. Instead of the condom, I imagine a latex glove would work the same way and be less humiliating. That’s a win-win situation right there. On the other hand the shock value wouldn’t be the same as it would be when you use a contraceptive on your face.

What is the craziest beauty trend or method that you’ve ever heard of? Comment below!


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