Nail Polish Haul: L.A. Colors & Pure Ice

cryslynn nail polish haul

Hey loves! Today I wanted to do a little nail polish haul & share some colors that I recently purchased. I felt like my nail polish collection was lacking so I went out and got some unique colors that I have never owned before. I did mix up the brands a bit but that was intentional because I wanted to try out both L.A. Colors & Pure Ice. I’m used to getting polishes from the brands Essie or Santee so I guess this is like a first impressions post as well! So from left to right, here are the nail polishes & their shades:

L.A. Colors Sea Foam, Mint – Pure Ice Super Star, Teal Appeal & It’s All A Bluer.

The funny thing I want to point out is that Pure Ice’s ‘It’s All A Bluer’ looks a bit purple in person. Or maybe it’s just me and I’m a crazy person. Anyways I have tried out Mint from L.A. Colors and Teal Appeal from Pure Ice so far and honestly I think both of the brands have a very good quality. Mint is such a neon-like green color and I think neon shade are amazing. One shade that I can’t wait to try out is Sea Foam from L.A. Colors. It reminds me of the ocean and going to the beach in the Summertime. The most unique shade that I picked out was Teal Appeal from Pure Ice. I painted my toes with that one and it looked super pretty. I am really pleased with this haul and I hope my next one is even better!

Should I do some nail design looks with these soon? Let me know in the comments. 🙂





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