My Top 5 Go-To Stores When It Comes to Buying Makeup

For the past 2-3 years makeup has been slowly taking over my world, and I’m completely fine with that. Everything from lipstick, highlighters & eyeshadows are my favorite makeup products and I always find myself buzzing through beauty aisles in different stores to find the perfect ones. While I do purchase makeup online from time to time, going out to an actual store is better when it comes to first impressions of the product. You really get that hands on touch and seeing the actual size of a certain product. Plus, I’ll take all the extra exercise that I can handle. So I wanted to share the top 5 stores that I go to whenever I want to splurge on some new makeup, enjoy!

cryslynn cvs

Yup, CVS is not only good for buying vitamins or picking up your medication. My favorite brand that I discovered from here is Makeup Academy aka ‘MUA’ for short. They have the best drugstore metallic eyeshadow palette you could ever wish for.

cryslynn walmart

My main squeeze. My soulmate. My day one when it comes to buying makeup. This is where I started shopping for makeup when I began my interest in it and I would share my little makeup hauls with my Facebook friends.


Not the exact dollar store that I go to, but yes great for the makeup enthusiasts on a budget! I have found some really cute lip glosses that smell amazing and also eyebrow powders, eyelashes & eyeliners.


Sally’s Beauty is my specialty when it comes to buying mainlyΒ  hair extensions and products, but I have found some cute makeup here. I rarely but definitely have found myself picking out a lipstick or two. I find myself going to other beauty supply stores in my neighborhood that are independently owned.


Since Sephora is rare gem for me when it comes to buying makeup, this is my last but not least store. When I say “rare gem” I mean I go here when I actually have enough money to buy more than two things. I don’t wanna be one of *those* beauty enthusiasts, but buying high end makeup really does make you feel like a queen. Or king. Makeup for EVERYONE!

I hope this post has given you an idea of where I buy makeup and also where you can find makeup. For more posts like this make sure you follow my blog and @itcryslynn on Twitter & Instagram for updates!


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