5 Beauty Tips I Learned That I Now Swear by

cryslynn 5 beauty tips

Hey dolls! I wanted to share my top 5 beauty tips that I use very often. My experience with beauty bloggingย  has opened my eyes about a lot of things. There were some important beauty tips that I learned and it made a total difference in the way I do my makeup, hair & skin care routines. Being involved with beauty requires a lot of learning and I think that’s one of the most fun parts about it! If you’re looking for a few tips that will help your makeup, skin or hair then keep reading!

1) MOISTURIZE THEN PRIME! Moisturizing your face before priming will help your primer go on smooth. Not to mention it can give your skin back those nutrients that your face wash probably knocked out. I suggest waiting about 2-3 minutes before priming after you’ve added your moisturizer, just to make sure it’s dry. It’s sort of like marinating some meat before you prepare your main course.

2) COLD WATER MINIMIZES PORES! This is a MAJOR tip. When I first learned this I thought it was one of those useless beauty hacks that wasn’t going to do anything, but I was SO WRONG. I use this tip when I exfoliate before doing a makeup look or even when it’s a no-makeup day for me. I start off with warm-to-hot water to open up those pores then I rinse with cold water and my pores are minimized tremendously. Sometimes I also like to do an ice facial, which is taking a few ice cubs in a cup and massaging them all over my face. It may sound weird but it works well for me and I hope it will for you too!

3) SKIN CARE MASKS ARE KEY! Yes, masks are all the rage right now but there’s a reason for that! I admit I was sort of peer-pressured into the whole skin care mask routine but it’s the best thing that I’ve ever been pressured to do. Seriously. Skin care masks come in different forms and I love to use them all! Peel-off, scrubs, cloth, charcoal, clay – you name it. My favorite masks to use are Freeman Beauty’s Feeling Beautiful masks and Yes To, Inc’s masks. They’re easy to do and will have your skin feeling smooth and luxurious afterwards.

4) HEAT PROTECTANT HAIR PRODUCTS ARE A MUST! One of my biggest regrets in life was flat-ironing or putting any heating tool in my hair without a heat protectant spray or lotion. I learned this tip the hard way in middle school and had to overcome the grossness of damaged hair, but luckily that chapter in my life has ended and I’ve become a slightly better person. Okay I’m so dramatic but yes always use some sort of product that will protect your hair from serious heat damage.

5) EXFOLIATE YOUR LIPS WITH A SUGAR SCRUB! Exfoliating your lips will give them a new layer of freshness because you will be scrubbing away dead skin. Doing sugar lip scrubs helps your lips stay moisturized and prevents them from being cracked much longer. Plus, lip scrubs are super easy to make! All you need is some white or brown sugar, coconut or olive oil, a tiny drop of vanilla & a small container. Scrub your concoction on your lips, let it sit for 1-2 minutes & rinse! Put on lip balm afterwards. Repeat this step once or twice every week and voila! Smooth lips. ๐Ÿ™‚

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