5 Beauty Vloggers That Makeup Beginners Should Be Watching

Take notes! If you’re looking to join the makeup world and you don’t know a thing about foundation, eyebrows or anything else, you may want to go on what I like to call a beauty vlogger binge. On YouTube, there are so many makeup tutorials for beginners and it can be quite overwhelming. So it has left you wondering, what videos are best for me? You may need serious help with blending your eyeshadow, doing your brows, contouring, what blush is best for your skin tone or how you should be doing your eye makeup if you have hooded eyes. I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 beauty vloggers who have very quality content and are good teachers when it comes to makeup and even skin care. These makeup gurus have guided me and are still guiding me in makeup and I watch their videos literally EVERYDAY. Check them out if you’re ever in distress about anything beauty-related!

cryslynn desi perkins makeup beauty vlogger
Photo: Desi Perkins on YouTube

Desi Perkins

UHH-MA-ZING. I watched her eyebrow tutorial one day and I’ve been subscribed to her ever since. Desi gives good information when it comes to what foundation you should use for your skin type(s), how to stop your concealer from creasing & more. She also gives good skin care tips and advice because her skin is always looking healthy and glowing!


cryslynn aaliyajhjay makeup beauty vlogger youtube beginners
Photo: Aaliyah Jay on YouTube

Aaliyah Jay

Her glam looks will always leave you inspired. Leave it to her tutorials to give you an idea if you have no idea what eyeshadow look you want to rock one day. If you wanna master winged eyeliner you should definitely be watching her, because she kills it every time!


cryslynn patrickstarrr makeup beauty vlogger
Photo: PatrickStarrr on YouTube

Patrick Starrr

One word: fierce! One of my favorite male MUAs and I just love him to pieces. From his hilarious little skits to the variety of wigs, Patrick is a super star in the makeup industry. If you’re looking to master contouring and flawless foundation application, his channel is just right for you. His helpful tips and a dash of his funny commentary that cracks me up makes his channel one of the best.


cryslynn jackie aina beauty makeup vlogger
Photo: Jackie Aina on YouTube

Jackie Aina

Jackie HAD to go on my list. Subscribing to her channel has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When I say this girl knows her stuff, I am not lying to y’all. Black girls can count on Jackie to have our back when it comes to calling out makeup brands who don’t carry deeper shades. She is a woke beauty queen who is always giving us glowing makeup looks with flawless foundation & beautiful eyeshadow. Not to mention, her full face using e.l.f. products video made me proud.. because HELLO. I’m clearly e.l.f.’s #1 customer. (jk)


cryslynn alissa ashley makeup beginners vlogger
Photo: Alissa Ashley on YouTube

Alissa Ashley

The best teacher when it comes to makeup tutorials. I’ve learned so much from her videos about eyebrows, eyelashes, cool tones, warm tones & so much more! Alissa’s makeup looks are always coming out literally FLAWLESS. Her videos have amazing quality and she explains things so clear and you can actually grasp a lot of information.

If you guys have any other amazing beauty vloggers that you think I should watch just comment below. πŸ™‚


cryslynn beauty vloggers beginners makeup tutorials youtube



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