Life Update: Bedroom Revamping Drama + Looking Forward to Summer

cryslynn makeup

Hi loves, it’s the weekend! Today is just the day to smile and be relieved because you can finally breathe for a sec. Whether you’re gonna party the days away at Coachella or just relax at home, I hope you have a fabulous weekend. My days aren’t so relaxing because I’ve been dealing with the stress of revamping my bedroom. Sometimes I think “what have I got myself into?” but I just really want a nicer bedroom. I know this seems like total first world problems & I’m so sorry but yeah.. I’m a mess when it comes to decorating or planning anything. The theme I was going for with my room is a sort of chic, black & white, minimalist design. I got inspired by watching a few YouTube videos of bedroom tours and went crazy over them. I also want an office area in my room with a nice desk so that I can feel more organized when I’m blogging and working on my brand. So I’ve just been searching through furniture stores and doing a lot of planning and such. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below because trust me… I really need it.

Other than my bedroom drama, I’ve just been thinking about how I’m really looking forward to Summer. Going to the beach & boardwalk again, enjoying some delicious seafood and getting a glimpse of that ocean. I’m so obsessed with the beach it’s CRAZY I’m one of those people who count down the days till Summer when it’s winter time, because I look forward to going to the beach. I know, ew. I also want to visit more amusement parks like Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland or Six Flags. I have to do a bucket list post soon so that you guys could know my full list of places that I wanna go. I really need to visit Hollywood again too!

So not a lot of things have been going on and I do apologize for being boring, lol. If you want updates on my other posts follow me! Cya ❤



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